Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Fling

Well it's been a tough tournament season so far.  First tournament was a complete bust think I was around 60th!  Maybe my worst finish ever.  Second tournament felt like a bust so bad I have no visual evidence that it even happened.  25 mile per hour winds, a plan that was sadly off track, and discovering great fish too late added up for frustration.  However I still placed 8th out of 90 anglers.  I guess I can live with that but I needed a free day.

So I went fishing yesterday - just for me.  Here's the key results:

Monday, February 1, 2016

2 People, 2 Fish - Perfect!

Sometimes you set out with a particular plan in mind.  That was the case Saturday.  Two of my favorite fishing buddies wanted to land their biggest fish.  I set out a plan.  Friday I tested it and saw what looked like the biggest redfish I had ever seen.  I would have estimated it well over 40" but really what did I have to go on?  I knew it was really big probably bigger than any I've caught.

So we set off Saturday morning with high expectations and after a little talk decided we were 100% committed to getting big fish. So back to the scene of what I called "The Red Whale".  So we entered a small dead end canal and I sent them down each side to spots where I had seen two different monster reds.

Robyn had the first hook up - but we were pretty dismayed as it spit the hook.  Although I had seen fish three times in this canal I was concerned that all three sightings were one fish.  I held back this concern and they fished on.

Then Robyn approach the area where this monster had actually chased bait and revealed its huge tail to me as it breached and sure enough - the drag started to scream!

It was awesome to watch her fight this fish from a standing position and nail the transition to sitting.

The fight of a lifetime was on but Robyn was up to the challenge and after about 10 minutes the beast began to tire.

As you can see it was towing her 14 foot Pro Angler like it was nothing.

Netting fish this size is no laughing matter.  Many a net has died in the process!

"I'm going to hug him and squeeze him and call him George!"  Robyn's 40.5 inch red was massive.  and it's quite the process just to measure a beast like this one.  So hugging and squeezing is necessary.

Then we decided it was time to get Lee on a fish and we made a move to a local Bay where I consistently catch giant reds this time of year.

Well it wasn't exactly according to plan when I caught the next red.

Normally a 34 inch red would feel like a big fish.  This one feels a little small.  But Beautiful.

Now it's Lee's turn I direct him to the same area I was in and get him started and it isn't long before he's asking, "Is that a fish or is that the bottom?"

He's moving at a pretty good clip.  as he closes the gap between us I'd say he's cruising at 3mph under fish power.  I know it's a good fish.

Watch your hands!

Again measuring a fish like this is quite the workout:

Is it just me or does he look like a man holding a new born baby?  Just sayin'.

And enjoy the moment - release that fish:

So technically Robyn won the day by .5 inches.  But I would say this couple "won the weekend".  I suspect they will spend the rest of their lives trying to match those two fish.

In closing remember the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.  We all need rest.  For many of us that rest will look quite and thoughtful because our weeks are busy and hectic but for many of us they will look like a 10 mile paddle to catch a fish of a lifetime.  Remember too that the Sabbath - the true Sabbath is for worship.  Enjoy all that God has made then give him the Glory for he has done great things!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter Giants

Well it's January and that means cold fronts and trout.  Well usually it does!  Last trip out though we got into some giant redfish.  It's not an unfamiliar pattern.  I do this most every year from now until about march.  If you want an "experience trip"  - potentially one or two fish but really something special now is the time to start looking to book (raw video of the fish above).  I'm booked through January already but get in touch for February and March bookings.

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