Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obsessed with Spoons Pt II

Sometimes vacations lead to thinking, and thinking leads to dreaming, and dreaming to more thinking....

I am hereby announcing to the world (or my very tiny little corner of it) that I am trademarking the phrase "Black Spoon of Death" and the initials "BSOD".  It is still common knowledge that I am the originator of the phrase but at least a few people use it on a regular basis.  As it enters the local lexicon in Louisiana and is now spreading to other states I can at least dream that some day I'll put the phrase to commercial use.

So first of all - go ahead get your chuckle at my expense!
Second use the phrase unless you are using it commercially then you must to contact me to set up an agreement to use the phrase.

Thirdly - contact Berkley Lures (owner of the Johnson Silver Minnow) and tell them then need me on staff!

For the record the phrase did originate with me in regards to the Nemire Black Spoon but since Nemire's purchase a few years ago I've been unable to contact new ownership and make arrangements since that time I've begun serious use of my altered Johnson Silver Minnow with great success here is a report by an Angler from Arkansas using my tactics and the BSOD:

Caught my limit on Tuesday and released probably 12
> > others.  Tried several baits, all color spoons and some spinnerbaits but
> > didn't get a bite on anything except a 1/4 oz black spoon...I only had 1 so
> > after I had 5 keepers I put it away so I wouldn't lose it.

There you go - it just works.  

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