What to Expect

It was a great run!  You should learn how to kayak fish it's an awesome adventure!  This is what I used to do.

When you travel on your Spiritual Adventure with RevRedfish you can expect a few things.  The first is individualized attention.  From basic fishing tactics, to kayaking instruction, all the way to spotting fish - I'm 100% focused on your adventure being a success.  You will get direction with RevRedfish.

You will not only benefit from seven years of Kayak Tournament participation but get the benefit of fishing with someone who is just like you - loves to fish and loves to eat fish.  It's not just about catching a trophy fish but about how to do it again and again!  You will learn how to fish from a kayak and how to produce results again and again.

There is just no experience like catching fish from a kayak, and even a small fish can be a thrill of a lifetime because you are right on top of the action:

It's amazing what can happen on a Spiritual Adventure.  Don't be left behind!