Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Ride 135 Review

I received my new Ride 135 from the folks at HOOK1 and boy am I happy.  Buying from fisherman, and yak fishermen at that always makes me feel better.  Getting great service and a great deal only sweetens the experience.  New boat was delivered to my neighbor's house as part of a package deal but I arrived home safe with the "Bluefish" not long thereafter.

The great thing about the ride is the combination of great tracking and superior stability - the result of a clean design with a tri-hull.

And room to stretch!  Wow!   Look below and you will see the setting of the footpegs.  I'm 6' 3"ish and 220lbs.  and I've got nearly 12" of leftover space in the footwells

All that and a ridiculously large tank well.  The fishing buddy was wondering, "Is this boat only 13.5'?"

Even with the low rider seat you can still stuff gear underneath your legs:

And then there's the internal storage:

I've been fishing from the "Redfish" for over a year now.  It has been through rough weather, wading through mud, and many a tournament.  It is by far the best boat I have ever owned and now I have two Ride135's.  and I'm pumped.


Paddles fast, very stable, fishing design is superior.  I can't say enough about this boat.  Little extra's like the latches on the storage hatches are great, paddle keeper is very handy, seat is superior.  I love everything about this boat right down to the skid plate on the rear keel.

It doesn't have a molded groove for the paddle and the stakeout pole.  That's my only critique unless I complain about the weight but that's part of the engineering that it needs for the design.


  1. Nice write up Rev....I was wondering about the seat. It seems to be "built in" and permanent, or can you remove the seat?

    God Is Good.....

  2. Roy sorry for the time to comment - website is not working properly. After several trips the seat continues to perform well. Great relief to my back issues! A full review is made earlier in my timeline.


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