Sunday, September 15, 2013

PAC Attack 2013 Victory!

So grateful to God for a great day of fishing and finally getting a win at a tournament.  It's fun to place, it's always nice to cash a check at the end of the day but nothing can replace finishing first.  Yesterday was my day and I'm truly grateful to God.

I had a great feeling riding into this tournament and anything less than top three would have been a disappointment.  That may sound arrogant but the fishing was just tremendous for the last month and I knew we had the fish "dialed in".  I had a number of scouting trips in the area over the last two months and I knew there were fish in every area but I hadn't found a consistent big fish bite until three weeks ago.  That was thanks to a tip from my Carpet Cleaner!  (Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning out of Bourg)

And from day one it was on.  So the general area is Point Aux Chene, just north of Montegut Louisiana.  It's a fishing community that I've had a long time disaster relief relationship with.  I've had the pleasure to serve God by helping 6 homes be rebuilt in the area, I've personally mucked out houses and ripped up carpeting in a local church after storms.  I founded PAC Attack to bring folks into the area to see the community, and spend some money there it's been a great community to work in and I've benefited from learning about one of the best fishing locations in Louisiana:

Island Road is one of the best bank fishing, and crabbing locations in the state and I've passed many a day out there with my kids pre-kayaking.

So day one I went out and found huge mats of grass, and discovered fish all over the place around the edges of the grass mats.  It's hard working baits around grass like this but it's also incredibly fun because the water is crystal clear in those conditions the fish were lit up in the water as Red and Green are complementary colors.

The key is to get weedless and stand up.  If you can find the pockets and channels in the water you can work them.  If you can see the fish you have your best opportunity to get a bait right in front of them grass free.

With that said I fished spoons exclusively, and the Black Spoon of Death (BSOD) 80% of the time.

One of the cool effects of the grassy conditions is the extra bronze color of the fish.  They are just stunning when you catch them like this beautiful fish.

This fish is an example of my confidence for the day.  I caught this fish last week and it's only 24 inches but it was at least 6lbs.  Normally you can get a 26 inch fish that is 6lbs and so many of them were fat like this fish.

Here's some more examples:

The last fish here is a textbook tournament redfish at 26.5 inches and it's pretty fat.  you can't ask for a better fish.  I caught two just like him on the day of the tournament and then a pair of big 25 inchers and one really fat 24 inch fish.

Here's the victory stringer:
Well I've got to get back to work!  But praise God and I'll get some more reports up about the trips and the tactics used soon!


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you Mr Bill. You're a very humble guy and a very Godly man. Congrats on your win, and I hope to fish PAC with you sometime. PAC is literally my second home; almost all of my father's family is located in the area. Every time you've driven down there, you've passed the home of my late great grandmother, a house that has weathered many a storm. That place is thick in my blood, and Im glad to see another person who's as passionate about the PAC as I am

  2. Dustin
    Thanks for the kind words. So many of my trips these days are with clients or for charity it's hard to schedule those "just for fun" days but let's make the effort!


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