Friday, September 27, 2013

Back to the Scene of the Crime

I decided on a return trip to Point Aux Chene this week taking a fellow clergy out for a much needed day of retreat.  It truly has been a roller coaster week from AC repairs, to hip replacement (someone else - I just had to pray) to the death of a seven year old - it was a snapshot of the extremes of ministry.  So the healing of God's presence was much needed and nature was the location.

The water was a bit murky but there is always the hope of what lies beneath:

You just never know what you have but this fish was giving dramatic hints with a mighty fight.

This twenty six inch beauty was sent back to catch another day but look at the gorgeous beauty of the "RedFish" each scale is a work of art, the lethal beauty of this voracious predator is amazing.

This fish actually scared me half to death:

I was about to do the quick retrieve with my lure when this fish jumped out of some mucky grass and just inhaled my spoon (BSOD of course).  I was able to see the whole devastating attack and in the boat he came.

I didn't take many pictures of the other 8 fish I caught today they were all in my self imposed 19-20" slot and they were beauties but we moseyed on home with a pair of limits and a dream of the next hunt.

The grass in Point Aux Chene had nearly disappeared and as predicted the two week window to get in on this action is quickly closing time to move south and east and start working the Trout transition to winter feeding grounds.  CAN"T WAIT.  Lord please bring the cold fronts.  

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