My Story

I hope many of you will turn to this page.  There is much more to my story than just fishing.  Sometimes I forget how amazing it is that I am getting to do the things I do today.  Pastor, Husband, Family Man, President of a Charter School board, and fishin' fool.  All of this is only possible because the God of the Universe took personal interest in me.  That's not because I was special, just the opposite.  I was a liar, a cheat, and a thief.  I had so little to recommend me that even the great state of Florida suspended my driving privileges and liberty for 24 hours.

You see I was hopeless and helpless.  I couldn't stop drinking.  I couldn't find peace.  Death was indeed a viable option for me.  But on an October night in 1995 God and I had an appointment.  With police cars in pursuit I crashed into a wall that shouldn't have been above ground but an unnamed storm had washed out two feet of sand and instead of my car flying into a deep channel of water I hovered over the brink.  Rescue workers pulled me out and I survived my own death wish.

3 days later God visited me in the ICU.  He showed me the void and I heard the words, "Come Home".  I've been doing that ever since.  God is so good.  I've since learned the truth that my sins deserved the death I sought but God in His mercy did not let me die, and in His grace he laid my debt upon His son Jesus - who died in my place.  The death of Jesus is a replacement for my own, he took on my sentence and I am free.

I now wish to live for Christ (oh I forget to do so too often to count).  I hope to glorify God.  I absolutely intend enjoy Him.  People are like fish in a way, once God's grace is in them they may fight: some fight like a trout shaking the head and bouncing around; some fight like a big Red - big zigs and zags back and forth; others are like a flounder straight for the bottom and trying to stick in the mud.  For all of them, however,  God's grace is like perfect braided fishing line - it doesn't break and His fish will be caught.

The difference is you won't get thrown in  the cooler.  There's no such thing as frozen chosen.  If God's love is part of your life - then you will have a life like no other.

Everything I do good today is because God loved me.  My family, my church, my friends, and my fishing - its all something I threw away and God gave back to me.  It's true for all of us - for people like me it's more obvious but there are so many people who are missing out on the love of God - stop fighting - 'cause when God catches you - its the best thing that can happen.

Here is a great way to start a relationship with God.  (click here)