Rates:  Now Booking for 2017

Standard 6 hour trip:

$150 - includes kayak, fishing gear, cooler bag for fish, paddle, jacket, etc.  or any combination of these items.***


$100 for first angler $50 for each additional angler - You have your own boat, and all your own gear, you just need some help getting started.  Think of it as a kayak fishing coach.***

Clergy and Military Veterans:

$75 - 6 hour all inclusive trip.  These rates are negotiable based upon your ability to pay.***

No matter the rate:
You need to bring, good sunscreen, hat and glasses, shoes and clothing that can and will get wet, food, water, other drinks.  A cooler for your ride home is a good ideas as well.  You should also bring an adventurous spirit!

No live or formerly live bait will be provided; however, we can discuss options if this is a preference.
***mileage restrictions do apply - all rates above are for trips within Lafourche Parish.  Any trips outside of Lafourche may require a .55 per mile surcharge.

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