Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Off Season Tips

I sure hope to be fishing again real soon! Between winter sickness, and work schedule I haven't fished in a month. Oddly enough this is the time of year a Kayak Fisherman get's their best days of fishing. But just because we can't get on the water doesn't mean a fisherman doesn't have things to do! Let's talk about your fishing line. If you are fishing with "Mono" it is aging whether you use it or not! Right now I can hear your "mono" getting brittle- lol. So let's just bite the bullet - you need to swap over to braided line. I have been using Crystal by Fireline for years now and it is a great line here is a good review of it and this author says everything I've found to be true. Now for a confession. I tried to convert to Braid three times before I got it right and the reason was simple - ignorance. If you don't apply it properly you will have problems. Here's a great video for putting braided line on your spinning reel:

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