Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking Rev Kev down to the coast for a kayak fishing trip.  We Drove out at 3:30am to get to Elmer's Island at safe light (yes 3:30am).  The new bridge to Fourchon is awesome by the way. I have absolutely no problem with paying the toll.

We waded out first to get the measure of the morning.  The rafts of mullet were a good sign, the leaping poggies were good to see also.  And we caught a few dink trout right away.  The water was a little more stained than I would have liked but not awful.  Then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I have a big hook up.  Monster fish that I couldn't turn or do much with. Finally I have to just clamp down on the line manually and take a chance.  I turn the fish.  We begin to fight in earnest with the fish on occasion just "sitting down" on me.  Me manually clamping down on the line and moving him in.  Then as I begin to get it close to shore. gone!

Are you kidding me?  I reel in my slack - no wonder my hook is straightened out.

Shortly afterwards Rev Kev starts into the action and lands his first Bull Redfish ever.

Then we decide to stop goofing around and launch the kayaks and shortly afterward it is on:

The line started to sing:

Then Rev Kev Hooked up too:

Mine started to come to the boat after 30 minutes of wrestling:

Then at last the close up:

We both put 40 inch redfish in that day.  We caught a few more trout but the storms rolled in and we rolled out happy and thankful to our creator for making this world.  We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!

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