Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TTF - renewing sponsorship

Just renewed my sponsorship with TTF!

one of the best companies out there for new product and some introductory videos - check out their website:

Can't wait to try out the new Gun Dog Series Rod, and other items I received today.

You can also see one of the new tiny Hiney jigheads poking out the redfish's mouth on the left here (it's the eyes that make them work so good:

Tight Lines!


  1. If you dont mind me asking, how can I get on board with a sponsership with them?

  2. Dustin,

    I've only had two sponsors and they sought me out. I only support what I would likely fish with anyway. However in preparation I spoke to a few other pro's and here's what I learned. First you have to have a fishing resume, it should answer these questions:
    Who are you?
    What tourneys have you placed in?
    What fishing accomplishments have you had?

    Also it's not just about winning or placing in tourneys its about your ability to promote a product so answer these questions:

    What skills in promotion do you have?
    What will you do to promote the product?

    All of this goes in the resume. Then you contact the target sponsor. For TTFGo to the website: click on contacts and send your resume in via email.

    Hope that helps.


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