Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paddle Palooza 10 Scouting Day 2

I accidentally deleted all my pictures from PaddlePalooza 10 but here is the written account of day 2 of prefishing.

It was the Friday before the tournament and we went out to confirm our final plans.    Basically we were torn between fishing our usual fishing grounds in Golden Meadow or trying a new area.  The facts are that Golden Meadow has not produced a Paddle Palooza winner in 4 or 5 years.  I felt it was time for a change.

So we started our day fishing a new area in Leeville, La.  The fishing buddy and I split up he chasing trout and I chasing reds and that's exactly what happened.  He caught some smallish trout and I continued to catch mostly bull reds over 27 inches but I also managed a few in that 25-26 inch range and all hanging around familiar places.

So we regrouped and did a rare thing we moved.  We traveled back up the road to Golden Meadow and launched where we met about 9 kayakers leaving.  All were pretty tight lipped about their experiences but I could tell most would be launching in Golden Meadow.  I did the math and was pretty sure we would see about 20 kayakers in this area on tourney day.  That's a crowd.

Again we split up, I for reds, and the fishing buddy for trout - he caught much larger trout and I caught much smaller reds.

Decision:  Reds weigh more than trout.  It's really plain and simple.  A big red is central to a winning slam.  We would fish Leeville (and avoid the crowds), and this would keep us centrally located for further moves to attempt to find flounder or bigger trout.

Next report we'll sum up how the plan went!

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