Monday, April 21, 2014

Monsters in the Mud

Did a little scouting and fishing just for fun today.  I found a lot of monsters in the mud.  Unfortunately I have a totally lame zoom but I was able to get pictures of one of them:

watch the left side!

It went that way for most of the day  (what follows is gratuitous red-fishing):

 I caught more but not all the pictures came out.

These pictures were brought to you by the letters:  B. andG. S.O. and D - I broke off the Black Spoon when my line got wrapped around a little do dad on my reel.  Put the Gold on and it did nearly as well.

Thank you Lord for an extra restful and fun day.  

Oh and one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.  About 100 alligator gars all up on one grassy flat making a ruckus.  Here is one large group a number of them swam up for closeups only one came out.  One big fish swam under my kayak for some shade and wouldn't come out until I whacked it with the paddle:

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