Saturday, May 3, 2014

Glorious to Ho Hum

Yesterday I got to go fishing by myself.  A little RandR and a chance to scout for a guided trip today.

Yesterday continued a trend of glorious trips that was highlighted by the following series of events:
I turn into a new pond and see the largest owl I've ever seen.  I swear his wing span was about 6ft.  Amazing!  As I'm watching the owl fly away I see a deer running underneath him into the woods (first I've seen in the marsh).  Then just a minute later an otter starts to swim across the pond right in front of me.  I say, "hello"! And get treated to his fast retreat into the woods.  Then I look beyond where he was to see a red with his fins sticking up out of the water.  I proceed to go and catch him.  Glorious!  thank you Lord.

I was very excited to follow that day (which continued in much the same vein) with today's guided trip.  However, today just wasn't the same.  It wasn't awful but it wasn't great.  We picked up a few fish early then it went cold for about 3 hours.  Finally I called a major move and we started working a new area.  By the time I figured out the patter (closing out my limit) everyone else was too tired to continue.

Nobody went home skunked and we finished the day with a classic sight fishing red caught withing rod length of the boat.
Some days you have to just keep plugging away until something happens.  This fish is reminder that rewards come to those who wait!

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