Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Kid's are Alright

Had the honor of fishing with a repeat customer and his son plus a friend.  People ask me all the time, "How old is old enough to fish from a kayak?"  Depends on the kids.  I take my 8, 10, and 12 year olds out all the time.  I find the 8 year old doesn't last long and I have tow him most of the way.  10 year old tries hard but she needs more practice.  The 12 year old does better every trip.

So this crew was pretty savvy and I had a good feel for it right out the gates and I wasn't disappointed.  Dad got right on some small reds first stop.  But the kids needed a little coaching.

It wasn't that long before they put the "Black Spoon of Death" tm to work.

For a 12 year old there are many options for moving around.

Fishing like a boss!

Surprise Flounder

That's a nice Red!

So we closed out the day with everyone catching fish.  I had my limit and a flounder all but one on the BSOD.  God blessed us by keeping the breeze up right until it was time to get in - then it got HOT!

What a great B-day present for my big fish of the day angler a 26"  7++lb redfish - not too shabby.  See you guys on the water again!

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