Saturday, November 22, 2014

Midnight Special has Arrived

Picked up my new kayak from Backpacker this week and I love it!

Can't wait to find spots for all the Scotty Mounts.

The new seat is phenomenal
 sorry about the blurry pictures I was photographing in low light settings.  I just can't hold that still.

OK they updated this on the 115 x wish they had done it here too!

But the fix is so easy.  Now that's a paddle keeper

Didn't want to fish without my gear so I put the seat in the old boat.  Perfectly adaptable.

Being nosy is dangerous!

Poor fella'  I took him home to eat.  He was really beat up.
The new seat is incredibly comfortable.  Well worth the added money.  First of all it's slightly higher - no decrease in stability.  Second the butt loved it.  I normally used a giant cushion.  I just had my little gel pad.  Lastly it actually made turning around and getting things easier.  I think it just helped keep your center in the boat.

I'll talk more next time about the Oracle Paddle by AT - wow!  

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