Sunday, December 7, 2014

One Lure to Rule them All...

Friday I finally got time to go fishing by myself and with decent conditions.  Although the wind was blowing it was SE which is usually something I can work with.  Secondly it was unseasonably warm - shorts weather in fact.

It was a trial day for a few new items: Second trip with the new Air Max Pro Seat from Wilderness - delightful.  And the AT Oracle Paddle - pictured.  That is a great paddle.  It really moves well in the water and is extremely light and easy on my hands.

Speaking of hands there was one of my first trout caught inshore on a popping cork (pictured as well).

I had an interesting start to my day.  I pull up at the launch and there's a guy fishing from the bank.  I'm thinking "He's parked in a no parking zone - right where I want to launch."  But I shake it off "live and let live", I thought.  Started chatting with the guy and we were talking about lures.  He had on a Matrix Shad.  I said, "Wow that's cool I just finished talking with them..."   Long story short he hands over two Matrix Shad "Shrimp Creole" lures.

So I put one on the straight line with a quarter ounce jig head.  I keep the chartreuse lure I had on my popping cork and another color on a straight line.  Well the first stop the bite is slow so I'm trying a few different things.  Catch one on the popping cork, then number two, then one on the Shrimp Creole.  Time to move on just too slow in that spot.

I move through the marsh and start throwing for some reds.  I come to a nice point with some moving water (well in the duck ponds) and bam a monster hit on the Black Spoon of Death.  Instantly I realize - Trout!  Pull in a nice 18" trout.  Then I manage to blow through 5 or more reds without a hookup.  I wasn't too concerned because I had trout on my mind Friday.
Amazing!  (shut your mouth silly)

Out to Catfish lake I went and again I tried the popping cork.  Had a few hits then I switched to the Shrimp Creole Matrix Shad - It was nearly every cast for the next hour.  It took 3-4 fish to get a keeper but it keeps your interest.

Unfortunately the next several pictures I was taking video on accident so I didn't get many shots of the trip.  But I put that Matrix Shad Lure to the test.  As the bite slowed down and I hit 18 in the bag I thought - "time to go on home."

When I got to the dock and counted my fish I realized I had 21!

Pictured is the Lure in question and my Scotty Rod holder with extender.  When the bite slowed down I was able to put three more in the bag trolling along.  I do this often to success.

So after a good day on the water.  Thanks to Matrix Shad (I got my package in the mail the next day).  Thanks to Scotty.  And thanks to the fella at the dock who gave up his "precious" two lures although I only needed one.  One Lure to rule them all....

And of course thanks to God for great weather, the strength to paddle 6 miles, and His incredible Love!

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