Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rigging 2015

This year I am really excited about fishing for Team Backpacker in the 2015 Ride 135 Air Max.  I chose the new color "midnight" and I like it.

A few riggings already completed but I'll break them down as I go

First change on every ride (except the x) is to improve the paddle keeper.
I've managed to take out the seat in my old ride a few times already and the air-max seat is worth the additional cost.  It's like having a new kayak.  Amazingly comfortable.  Very high profile but the stability is still the same.  I think the high back helps to maintain your center in the boat so in many ways it's more stable.  Especially when accessing your fish bags which I had to do a lot on some recent trips.

figured I better put some fish in there to keep your attention!
The seat is it's own rigging platform starting with the rail track system I installed as per the directions mentioned in a previous re-blog

Little things like being able to clip things to the straps (pictured here is my fish grabbers) are so helpful

 Then a new location for my drinks and sandwiches.

Which clears the way for this:

A much cleaner deck puts these heavy use items right to hand under the seat.

Also thanks to the rail mount system I have my light and my camera attached to the seat.

convenient places for emergency gear

Easy attache for leashes

Also attached is a whistle for attention getting and emergencies (lanyard in first in this series of three.

This next is a series on attaching my Harmony anchor trolley.  Great price for quality for this trolley.  I put one on each side.

You will need some basic gear and a sharpee, rivets and gun, and an essential goop:

mark your spot drill your hole put your rivet in mark your second spot drill and then add good before you activate rivet. 

I run my trolley from the back of the rear label to the middle of the front hatch just below the seam.

pulley goes on  - ooops backwards

like this

Make sure your do your trolley ring like this (plastic or stainless rings trust me) keeps the system running tight.

Then the rod holders.  I'm still waiting on my final deliver from Scotty so I will have to update this section but I have a good bit on hand so here we go:

I tend to use rivets but when I can I attache with nuts and bolts (nylon thread) and a rubberized washer

This is a new idea I hope it works out

extenders help get me up over the hatch but keeps my go to rod close to hand for standing or sitting.

notice gear head and standard scotty mount on the side track opposite side will have my reverse facing camera.  With remotes I will be able to catch all the action for you.  Even with all this gear on my seat I'm still feeling like it's a pretty clean space.  

I always add a pad eye here for my paddle leash.

Got lazy here but had a few spare parts and made this quick paddle holder for when I'm sight fishing just a little something to keep that ultra light Oracle Paddle from rattling around so much.  
 And honorable mention is the new footbraces - a great improvement.  I'm waiting for the new rudder to come into mass production so I'll have an update with it and my rear rod-holders soon!


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