Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hanging Out

Today was a surprise day.  Got a call from Tony Fontenot "The Castin' Cajun"

To break in his new kayak:

If you don't know Tony or Castin' Cajun he's locally famous for his fishing shows, cooking, and hospitality.  An avid sportsman and athlete I'm proud to count him as a friend.  Today we ate a fine lunch then we broke in his new yak.

On the way out the door he shared a product with me I just had to stop and share on:

OK so it's just another buff right?  Not this one.  You know how your shirt has tails on it?  You know the part you "tuck in" well if you've ever had a buff that didn't "tuck in" you know my frustration.  This one has a split tail on the bottom so you can tuck it down around your shoulders.  It makes for a perfect fit.  You can find them here:  Mojo

Don't leave your neck hanging out in the sun!  Use a Mojo facegaurd.

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