Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quick Trip - Tournament Ahead

It's been a long hectic Summer and things are slowly getting back to normal.  I managed to sneak out for a brief trip Monday afternoon with our own locally famous angler the "Castin Cajun" Tony Fontenot.  We were joined by his son in law Bryan.

Being such a quick trip I didn't get my cameras charged in advance so I only have one nice shot:

I managed 3 nice reds and a flounder.  Tony picked up one red but the water clarity was really bad.  I think in a few more weeks things are going to pick up as we get that Fall frenzy going with the reds.  More and more I'm seeing the reds in packs of 5-10.  The four reds we caught with one break off were all part of one school that I had momentary eye contact with.

The recipe for success continues to be the black spoon of death with a Chartreause Trout Trailer from the Crappie Psychic LLC  We were only out for a couple of hours so it really wasn't a bad haul.

This Saturday I will be fishing the Golden Meadow Smackdown so come and join us or stay tuned for the results!

Next week will be a demo day in Lafayette.  

In two weeks look for me at the Alligator Festival in Lulling.  I'll be at the Crappie Psychic booth talking about catching reds of course!

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