Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Wish List: Scotty Gear

This one is for the spouses and family of kayakers (so kayaker you can email them the link if you need to).  Here is the starting point if I was going to be rigging my Kayak - these are the items I've got to have!

4ea.  – 279 Rod holder  and  244L locking flush deck mounts 

I'd put four  flush mounts behind my seat.  two for rodholders with extensions (item 459) rigged for trolling:

One would hold my light.  and another for my camera mount.  

In front I would have two of the rod holders rigged on a "gear head" mount (item 438):

For gear security I'd have a  (item 130) paddle leash:

You need to take pictures 135 camera mount:

You need to stay anchored 797  anchor kit

You can order your items from the helpful folks at the Backpacker - in fact right now the Backpacker has a special on Kayaks that is so good you have to go to the store to learn about it!  Get a previous year kayak and get an amazing package to to with it!

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