Thursday, October 27, 2016

2017 - Big News - Wilderness Pro Staff - Finally!

Wilderness Systems Kayaks and I have a long-running partnership.  I bought the first edition of the new Ride 135 and have never turned back.  After owning 5 other brands I've only owned Wilderness since then.  I spent a year as an "Ambassador" in partnership with The Backpacker but then the program was discontinued and I formalized my going on 4th year with The Backpacker.  But this year Wilderness made me an offer I can't resist.  I look forward to getting in one of these amazing new boats!

Decisions Decisions Decisions!
Pedal Drive coming in April!

ATAK 120 great boat just smaller

Already have the 140 - get another?

Something faster the Tarpon 130X?

So many more options of course:

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