Thursday, June 28, 2012

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Two times I've fished the "Trout Challenge" to bad results.  Not only is it a drive across the state to unknown waters but each time I've been skunked on the targeted species.  Last year I caught three flounder (which I normally struggle to catch) and the previous year two nice redfish.

is this the year?  Only the Lord knows but it this picture is one of my favorite (oddly) kayak fishing memories.  As I sat in the dark waiting to fish I could hear the deluge coming across the water until I was drenched with rain.  It was surprisingly refreshing, impressive, and peaceful.  This shot captures the moment well.

Remember it's not the journey - it's who you travel with that makes it worthwhile.  In the roar of the rain I was reminded of the Lord I serve.

Pray for me - that I will crush the competition to the glory of God (joking - well mostly)!

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