Friday, September 21, 2012

A Day of Small Things

Zechariah 4:10 is one of my favorite quotable scriptures - 'Do not despise a day of small things....'

Today was definitely a case of that.  I was concerned about a storm system coming off the gulf so I decided to stay within sight of the launch and paddled over to one of my "secret" spots.  There are places all over the marsh that are ignored simply because they are "too close" to the boat launch.  This is one of those spots.

I realize nobody is going to feel sorry for me but this haul of 20 Speckled trout, one White Trout, and 2 reds require the catching of well over 100 fish.  For most of the day it was fish on every cast, often with 5 or more "hits" before a fish was on.  Because it is too tiring to net every fish I lost dozens but I boarded very many fish today.

What's the lesson of the day - don't let a little weather ruin a trip.  In the fall you can have success in the interior marsh fishing points or areas of moving water.  Drift around "rip lines" and marshy points until you get some hits then anchor and work the spot.

While fishing points keep your eyes and ears open - especially for shrimp popping on the surface.  A sure fire proof that trout are right underneath.  That's how today started.  I decided to check out a small cove and saw a big redfish arch it's back out of the water.  But after a few fruitless casts I saw the popping shrimp and tell tale swirls of trout all around.  It was on for the next 30 minutes -about 20 fish caught about 4 in the bag. Then I saw some fish popping the surface in the distance and I repeated the process.

Slowly but surely I put together some fish, then I had a solid hour of fish in one spot but I had to stop and count my fish and that was the end of that spot.  I paddled over to my starting spot and had a few hits and a few more small trout and then I thought - I'm just trying to close out my limit for ego's sake.  I'm tired and I'm going home!

I can honestly say I was on the verge of cramps and with less than a mile of paddling it was clearly from reeling in that many fish.

So never despise a day of small things - with patience and a little attention even a bad day can turn into a feast.  Now to make those fish tacos!

Thank you Lord for the small things - and your glorious creation!

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