Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where to Fish

How do you fish an area you've never been?

I start by searching local fishing reports then I get on Google Earth.

There are a few things you always look for.  The biggest thing to know is that most fish that we pursue are "ambush predators".  All predators prefer to catch their food with as little effort as required (I can relate). Therefore they will station themselves around moving water.  Particularly they will back themselves up against "structure" and wait for bait to be swept by in the current and then pounce.

It looks a bit like this:

This image and many other tips can be found with my friends at TTF Fishing.

Look for reefs or banks that will receive the water flow from tidal movement and you will often find fish.  If the tide isn't moving you can get similar results from the wind pushing the water towards structure.  Watch for rip lines, or current lines and fish around the edges of those as well.  Fish will sit on the edge of these picking off the bait as it drifts with the current.

Whenever you succeed look around, take notes, make plans to try that again.  So much of fishing is trial and error.

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