Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Limit- I mean Year!

People often think I'm crazy when they find out I'm fishing in a Kayak during the winter.  But we make a point of keeping it safe and comfortable by gearing up properly.  Here's a picture of the "fishing buddy" ready to roll out:

As you can see he is ready for the weather - outfitting is such an important part of fishing in the winter.

Notice I'm finally putting my new camera mount to work and taking pictures here is a great one of my chin!  I also got some great shots of my hands, my elbow, and other body parts (much learning to do yet).

It was a cold and dreary day and there were very few other fishmermen out there but here is one group that was working hard:

Despite less than ideal conditions and a very slow start I noticed a pair of pelicans and a pair of seagulls floating over a spot I've done well at before.  So I drifted over by them and first cast notched my first trout and he was a keeper.  Then it was seven fish in the boat to get to a second keeper.

Sometimes the fish move around on you and today was no different.  After 7 quick fish - nothing. What you have to do is stay patient, cast around, and find them.  Finally at the extent of my casting range bam.  And bam, and bam again.  In a matter of 15 casts I had 11 fish in the boat.

Time to call the fishing buddy over.  He's been killing me for weeks.  Finally I was well ahead of him on the body count:

It was so good out there today I didn't even use my cooler for the first 21 fish.  Shot didn't come out well but when you are on the fish in the winter you have to get them on board quick.  You never know when the bite will die off.  In fact the last 4 fish were very slow going and they got small again.

Net is ready
If you see me with my net in the rodholder - you can be sure I'm catching them fast and furious (you can see a few tails in the bottom of the net.  I'll figure out this camera mount eventually - lol.

So we wrapped up the first trip of 2013 with a limit of trout each.  Here's mine.  Happy New Year!

And if you've made it this far you deserve the payoff:

Today's trip was to the Sulfur Mine just south of Lockport, La and the killer bait was this:

A white Shiney Hiney jighead with a brown shrimp tail 18" under a cork with 12lb "Vanish" flourocarbon
One bait 25 fish in the bag and about 45 in the boat - you can't beat TTF baits for long lasting baits with good results!

Thanks for reading and God bless you!

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