Saturday, March 9, 2013

Major Workout and some Major Fish

Headed out to Golden Meadow yesterday and was sure the water was going to be dirty.  In patches it was but in others it continued to be crystal clear.  I haven't seen water stay this clear in Louisiana - ever.

Started out with my new equipment (secure your stuff in your car not on your boat)!  New Camera stand is working nicely.  The new wide brim hat for my wife - do all fishermen hear from their wife every trip about skin cancer?

And my Hobie Escondido sunglasses - great glasses at a great price.

My first instinct was to paddle straight to the Lake and look for trout but I couldn't keep "paddle discipline" and veered into a redfish hole.  Within minutes there was a pair of tails up.

First fish in the boat on a Johnson Silver Minnow 1/8th oz.

I like to call him Fish Nachos.

Couldn't get the second to hit so I paddled around the bend a little and blew up a school of reds.
Stop - take a deep breath - drink some coffee - fan cast - BAM

A double round of Fish Nachos!

Then I paddled through another school.  Twice now just as I thought, "get your pole and fish" I drifted over fish.  It broke my focus and it wasn't long till I was out chasing trout - nothing.

Went back to a spot that worked out well a few weeks ago and there he was:

Next I spent a couple hours scouring the banks for reds with little success so I decided to look for trout.  Paddled a mile and nothing. But I set up a drift and bam small keeper, but then couldn't stay on them.  So I started trolling.  It can be an effective spring method but it can also be very tiring.  I spent and hour paddling back and forth over a 1/4 mile stretch and put together 5 trout (one over 19 inches).

On the way back to the launch I kept seeing mud clouds in the water so I stood up.  Didn't take me long to put two bulls in the boat - they hurt my arms after a long day of paddling and I had a hard time getting a good shot of the largest but here they are:

Thank you Lord for the strength to enjoy this sport and thank you for Ibuprofen.

That last fish was Closer to 30 inches but we just had a hard time getting him on the board 

All reds were caught on one Johnson Silver Minnow and the trout were caught on an Avocado TTF Killer Flats Minnow.

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