Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pushing Through

Fishing Buddy #1 working the edges like a Pro!
Some days you have to just push through to find the fish and my last trip was certainly one of those.  Took out to of the men from Church this week and we had some fun.  I decided to try out a spot I hadn't been to in a couple of years and it was a real disappointment.  After a few hours I had a couple of rat reds in the boat, one of the guys had managed a pair of keepers and several rat reds and one was hanging at a solid zero.

Not a good start so at 10 am (the time I've been accustomed to finishing my limit of late) I called for a move.  We had worked that 10 acres of marsh pretty hard.  So we pushed off for a one mile paddle to a new area.  At this point I had to encourage fishing buddy #2 by renaming him Mr. BananaDeaux.  (Bananas are considered bad luck among anglers).  This sort of Pastoral Care is what I'm famous for!

Instantly things got better:  I picked up these two fish within 30 minutes plus two more rat reds (under the size limit fish).

And after my very positive reinforcement Fishing Buddy 2 got his name back here's a picture of him fighting keeper number 2 a very large 28 inch redfish:

It was a classic battle and a classic moment a real #6 I told him "Why don't you go right over there and try that spot and we'll fish about 10 more minutes".  Bam fish on!

Unfortunately the fish will never be photographed because during the difficult landing the fish popped off the "Fish Grabbers" (TM) and broke the fishing rod in the process.

Thank you Lord for Patience, and great guys to fish with, and a great day.

Remember not to be stubborn.  If the fish aren't showing up plug along, stick and move, but eventually you have to change the water you are in.  Another factor may have been there was a really stiff tide that morning and it was nearing slack when we quit.  Fish in some areas prefer a nice slow tide.

Everything was caught on the Black Spoon of Death (TM).

Closing note - hydrate!  I was very glad for my habit of keeping my water and Gatorade frozen.  Not only does it keep your hydration right but it helps tremendously when the temps get up in the 90's to stay cool.

God Bless!

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