Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rare Golden Day

***having some problems with my card reader today so no pictures*****

Friday I took a pair of guests out and let me just say if you are going to try and throw a cast net with braces on your teeth make sure you have your orthodontist is with you (I did try and I did have my ortho with me).  Pulled the wire out on the first throw.  But by the end of the day I was back up and smiling!

It was a rare day for me.  The black spoon just wasn't getting it done so we made the switch to gold and it paid off.  It was a slow fishing day for sure.  Saw many reds but struggled to get them to take the bait.  However, one of us got on the fish and nearly made a limit.  Everyone caught some fish and we made it in to the dock in good order.

Funny the day before I was talking to my Doc. and he was telling me about a fishing trip recently where they just weren't doing anything, one of the guys said, "Let me try something different."  They promptly caught about 40 speckled trout in an hour.

So remember no matter how consistent a lure is - it won't work 100% of the time. We had to put the BSOD's away.  This is why I often start the day with as many as three different color spoons on pre-rigged poles.

While I'm giving free advice:  also remember to check your drag every trip: two really nice fish were lost to over tightened drags.  Better to start out too loose and then tighten up as you fish.  

None the less, it was a great day on the water with great guests.  Lures like lives are changed.  Lures are changed by the angler / Lives are changed by the Living God.  I would encourage you if life is just not working to consider your relationship with God, He might just be telling you something!

God bless and tight lines.

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