Monday, December 9, 2013

Fishing Tip (because I just can't get a break in the weather)

It's been over a month without a serious fishing trip and I'm feeling it!

One thing I was shocked to find out was how much the color of my lenses mattered when fishing.

Here's a brief article on it:  link

But I would like to go a little deeper.  First of all it begins with polarization.  If you want to see the fish better you have to have polarized lenses.  I do this with people all the time.  Put on a pair of non-polarized sunglasses, then switch to polarized and switch back and forth.  You will see a huge difference with that step.

For years I thought that was all that mattered.  But for fishing in shallow waters color of lens is also important.  And I believe you want brown or "copper" more than any other color.  Some swear by amber as well.  Here's what I wear:

Hobbie Bayside with Copper Lenses
 Two things matter about these sunglasses.  First the color of the lenses highlights my primary species - redfish.  Second the wide solid ear bars add additional light blocking preventing glare on the inside of your lenses.

I love the Hobie glasses because for much less you get a quality as high as some of the more expensive brands like Costas.

Gray lenses are great for driving your car and offshore.  But if you are fishing inshore and you are sight casting you absolutely need a pair of sunglasses that highlight the fish you are searching for.

If you can afford both then that is ideal but if you can only buy one pair then the copper is the color for you.

Lastly if you are like me and need readers.  Spend the extra money and get the sunglasses with built in readers - you will love them.

Now - back to praying for a break in the weather!

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