Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feeling the Backpacker Love

Made it up to the Backpacker to pick up the boat and order my gear.  It was a good day.  Nice to meet up with some professionals who know their business.

Tyler was outstanding.  Had the boat waiting and ready helped me load it and showed off some mad skills on the tie down straps!  Hey Tyler I need you to show me that again!

Picked up the "Sunset" color kayak.  Its a good bit different than it looks on the web but it's really nice.  Looks almost bronze (like a redfish).  Would be good for duck hunting too.  The console is really neat and I'm excited about it.  I'd be tempted to try fishing without it too so I could put my fishing bag in front of me.  No time to really preview yet but let's say for now - this boat is Awesome!  

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