Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ride the Bull: Bull Reds + The Backpacker + Wilderness Systems + 700 Kayakers = Grand Isle this Saturday

So Ride the Bull is this Saturday in Grand Isle and it is going to be awesome.  This year The Backpacker is teaming up with Wilderness Systems  to put on the world's largest kayak fishing tournament "Ride the Bull".  The prizes include but are not limited to four wilderness kayaks, AT paddles, and much more.  Cash prizes total 10,000 according to one report.

So you are going what do you need to know - it's going to be crowded.  Perhaps as many as 700 participants.  You need to allow for traffic.  You need to get your bait handled.  You need to stay patient all day.

Some tips along the way.  You are going to need crabs and cut mullet.  You may want to stop at the many places along the way and pick up some bait.  You can catch bull reds on many baits but the favorites are:  crab, cut mullet, and white trout in that order.  I will tell you this if you fish cut mullet expect a lot of hook ups with shark.  You will need extra leaders set up.  Be prepared.  Crab will not have the shark issue but if you crack your crab like most do you will have pin fish pick it clean for you.  You will need to replace often.

You might want to check out bait options along the way (I've got feelers out) but Terry's and Tyd's in Leeville are great places with awesome owners.  Of course Bridgeside has the best bait around but it might just be a bit congested.

Here are some great tips from my friends at Kayak Fishing University on Facebook:
Our tips for a successful time at Ride The Bull Kayak Fishing Tournament:

1) Have one rod with a carolina rigged bait, and one with a lure to work while the bait soaks and does its thing. Good types of bait are live white trout, cut mullet, pogie, live 4" crab. Good lures are large rattle traps, cobia jigs, large gulp baits either carolina rigged or on a jig head (sturdy one!). 

2) Have a heavy action rod and reels with decent drag and >30 braid++. Don’t be afraid to put some pressure on the fish and get him in fast. There are lots lines in the water. The last thing you need is a tangle cluster

3) Depthfinder: Try to locate the bait in the pass. Lots of schools of pogie and white trout will be in various areas of the pass, fish near these for best results. Best depths are usually in the 10-15' range for bulls, but we have had success almost everywhere in the pass.  

I would add 4:  one pole rigged for trout.  land a white trout and put it on that hook baby!

Have fun and be safe!

Prizes include:
  • 4 Wilderness Systems Kayaks donated by The Backpacker and Wilderness Systems: 
  • Wilderness Systems Ride 115X Advance Angler with Rudder Kit
  •  Wilderness Systems Ride 135 Advance Angler with Rudder Kit
  •  Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 Angler with Rudder Kit
  •  Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler
  •   Four (4) Adventure Technology Fishstix Paddles
  • KC12 Custom Kayak donated by KC Kayaks
  •  Lowrance Elite 7x Chirp
  •  5 GoPro Hero3+ Black Cameras donated by GoPro and The Backpacker
  • Kayak rigging gear packages from Yak Gear & Rail Blaza:

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