Sunday, September 27, 2015

A River Runs Through It

Catching up on my summer with a post of my first "river run".  While up in Virginia preaching I also took a few days of retreat.  Near my Mom and Dad's home place.  Mom had just passed away but Dad still lives in the home Mom grew up in it.  All the memories of that home include the Jackson River.  It's a small river without any major rapids but for this bayou boy it is fast enough.

So I dropped in at the bottom of the Momaw dam in Allegheny County Virginia.  Lake Momaw makes for some good fishing and the cold water off the bottom of the lake makes for cold water conditions for those who like to fish. For me the increased flow meant I wouldn't be dragging my kayak often during the day.

The largest waterfall I've ever paddled around.  Yep I'm a wimp.

the first leg was part of the river I had never paddled and I truly enjoyed the scenic quietness. I guess I forgot to mention I did not bring a pole.  This was purely for the adventure.

shallow water

deep water

 Scenes of Appalachia were everywhere

I am a failed flower photographer

Now this was just weird.  Looks like a butter rock (aka turtle rock) being birthed.  Any geologists?  It looked better live.


Had a great day on the water.  Coming next!!!!!!!  Review of the new ATAK

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