Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fishing is Fishing

I had a rare opportunity, thanks to a friend, to get offshore this week.  Weather was gorgeous.  Not too cool but not hot, and the snapper were available.  We didn't beat any size records but I learned a bunch.  I don't get offshore very often so I was able to get two new species on my list:  Red Snapper, and Blacktip Shark.

The amazing thing is that fishing is fishing, the only thing that really changes is the size of the fish and the scenery.  You are always looking for structure, water movement, and matching the "hatch" or providing what they want to eat.

The structure were oilfield rigs, and the "hatch" was dead pogies.  In the picture above I'm hooked up with a 50 plus inch shark.  The picture does no justice but we weren't working hard on camera angle with all those teeth on the line:

Funny thing is just below the camera visibility was a Barracuda that was at least twice this size.  I honestly didn't know they got that big.  It was a beast.

We ended the day with full limits of Red Snapper, and a "Lemon Fish".  I was arm weary by the end of the trip so I think that means we did pretty good.

I thank God for good friends that made a trip like this possible and for an amazing creation - even though it yearns for redemption it is still incredible.

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